A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Walter is sad. Walter is hungry. Walter's family is sad. Walter's family is hungry.

Creator is happy, but Creator is so bored.

Walter likes Creator, so Walter keeps sending him vegetables to entertain Creator.

Walter's family is hungry.

WASD to move (or ZQSD).

E for some actions, 123 for others.

Space occasionally, but not so often, I promise.

You can tweak the mouse sensitivity with I K for vertical and J L for horizontal.

Alt + F4 to quit.

This was a ludum dare comp participationn made in 72 hours with unity.


Team :

programmation :

Simon Anciaux : @thebmxeur -> www.sisyphe.be

Adrien Dujardin : @lolwned

Graphics and musique :

Yannick Sala : @nicso -> www.nicso.fr


ellivmraf_win.7z 16 MB
ellivmraf_mac.zip 34 MB
ellivmraf_linux.7z 25 MB